Two full terms of mixed government under president Barack Obama proves at least one thing: Thoughtful, hardworking stoners can grow up to enjoy a 55 percent approval rating as president, provided they fall in love with a hard-headed woman.

Back in the day, when his friends called him, “Barry,” the president smoked a lot of marijuana – literally pounds of it. The details of his weedy youth will soon be revealed in a new biography, “Barack Obama: The Story.”

Rather than stunting his growth, the excesses of the president’s youth apparently led him to greater wisdom and self-knowledge. Given his political achievements – and those of many other, one-time cannabis consumers – THE WEEDER declares, It’s time to end the stigma. Cannabis is legal, people!

Too many Coloradans look down their blue noses at the 25,000 skilled Colorado workers currently employed in the industry and the 500,000 residents of the state who legally purchases and consume cannabis across the state. As these pioneers of the new marijuana economy seek to transform the West Slope into the Napa Valley of marijuana, THE WEEDER will be there to tell the story as it unfolds. You can be too.

If you write well, have a story idea, talents for illustration or graphic design, or just have a need to express yourself in poetry or prose, email We’ll pay at least $25 for your work on acceptance, same for illustrations and graphics.

[Editor’s Note: This story was originally published in the Nov. 11, 2016 print edition]