CORTEZ: It normally pays to ask for the budtender’s recommendation wherever you shop, but at Doobie Sisters, 695 N. Broadway, regular customers know every strain is budtender-tested and approved before it reaches the glass display.

“If the budtenders don’t like it, we don’t sell it,” said Corin Wolf, the eldest of two 20-something sisters who areworking day and night to grow the amazing investment their father made in them last Christmas. “If they don’t like it, they won’t sell it,” shrugged Corin’s sister, Carly, referring to her loyal counter staff.

This is not an idle boast, but actual store policy, confirmed Taylor Grim, one of Doobie Sisters’ original budtenders. “I really am a bud snob,” Grim said. “I’m one of those who’ll refuse to smoke it if I don’t think it’s good enough.”

Last week, Grim recommended “Red-Headed Stranger,” two half- gram joints sold as a pair for $20. The perfectly-rolled joints came in elaborate packaging bearing Willie Nelson’s faint portrait. Although shops in Telluride and Durango now carry the singer’s approved strains, for a few weeks last month, Doobie Sisters was the only West Slope vendor of Willie’s Reserve.

They never met the pop and country music legend, but the sisters were thrilled when he agreed to let them distribute his products, Corin said.

Corin and Carly are carrying on a family tradition of entrepreneurship started by their father. “He’s an amazing man,” said Carly, who has lived in the same house with Corin her entire life.

For years before they became the Doobie Sisters, they served customers and helped manage a downtown Denver sports bar.

“It was a lot of hard work with long hours,” Corin said. Then late last year, their father presented them with a business opportunity they couldn’t turn down.

The decision to return home and launch the new dispensary, located a short distance from where they graduated high school, was an easy one. The sisters have not started families of their own yet. They continue to share a residence, much as when they were children. Their entire focus now is on making Doobie Sisters a big success.

[Editor’s Note: This story was originally published in the Nov. 18, 2016 print edition]