Cannabanistas hunt for delicious food wherever it may be found and in Glenwood Springs, a great place to start is Chang Thai, 1840 Glen Ave., where the food is fresh and the flavors and textures complex.

Tom Kha soup is a smart way to kick off any Thai meal because it whets, but does not sate, the appetite. The lemon-lime flavor of the lemon grass, tinged with ginger and mint, combines beautifully with the chicken broth and creamy coconut milk. Red chili can be added to effect the proper level of hotness for each diner. Add chicken or shrimp, and Tom Kha becomes a hearty main dish all its own.

Last week, we chose instead another traditional Thai menu item as our main dish, Pad Thai Noodles. We chose it for comparison sake, but there was no comparison – it was simply the best rendition of any Thai restaurant we’ve tried along the I-70 corridor. Prices range from $11 to $30, which is certainly competitive for fine dining in Glenwood Springs.